Promises, Apologies, News

Promises, Apologies, News

Dear Somervillains,

I’ve come to the realization that making promises at this stage in my life to the tune of keeping my website and its content absolutely current is a bit of a dream. What can I say? Being a successful career musician, a wife, a mother, a homemaker, a daughter / sister / aunt / cousin / grand daughter on a different continent who strives to keep family ties close, social media and keeping current, fresh content on my sites at all times simply falls to the bottom of the priorities stack most days. It’s not that you, my Somervillains, are not important to me. Such is the contrary! I simply have to choose how I spend the precious and oh-so-few hours of my waking days. And in all honesty, I’m HORRIBLE at time management!

So, I’m going to stop promising and stop apologizing. That’s difficult for me, because I have only the best intentions and feel really badly when my plans are poorly (or never) executed because I feel like I’m disappointing someone. You.

What I will say is this: I care. I’m doing my best. I’m making music. I’m busy and am working hard, but not in danger of having any kind of burnout because I take care of myself and feel that my priorities are as they should be. I’m spending quality time with my loved ones. I’m raising a sweet, wonderful little girl who I believe makes the world better because she’s in it. She certainly makes me better! And I’ll give you updates as often as I can.

The good news is that things are progressing nicely with the new TRILLIUM album! Sander and I have been busy writing and recording new songs and so far things have been shaping up to be a bit more uplifting. Certainly I haven’t exhausted the demons I have to work through, but I feel things aren’t quite as dark and angry as Alloy was and I feel good with that.

Another bit of news is that I’m embarking on a new journey in my career that may just prove to be more than a side project. Perhaps it will be short-lived after all, since the music industry is certainly a fickle business, but it has some true potential to be more. It’s again very different than anything I’ve done before, but I hope that, when I am able to reveal the details, you’ll look at it with an open mind. It’s always a scary kind of excitement that accompanies a new adventure. I’ve always seen myself as a musician whose ultimate passion has been revealing my truths, heartaches, dreams and disappointments for the world to see in bundles of melodies, lyrics and images, but I’m also a dramatic and theatrical creature. I do enjoy portraying characters, embodying various themes and assuming the role of an actress at times. This new challenge allows me to explore more of that part of myself and I’m looking forward to it. I can’t say much more about it now, but with a grand release planned before Easter, it won’t be too much longer until I can.

Thank you for being interested in what I’m doing. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for caring.

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February 7, 2017

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  1. New TRILLIUM album. Finally!! 😀


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