#metaltwins !!

#metaltwins !!

The saying goes that you have to suffer to be beautiful. Well, damn. I sure am wondering where my “beautiful” is. It can pop in here any day now! 😉 Well, perhaps all of that beauty is going into what’s going on inside my body. In that case, then I’ll gladly suffer the wreck that I currently am!

Usually I’m explaining my lack of communication or web presence being because I’ve been too busy or just spending time being a mama / wife / general domestic goddess. I so wish that had been the reason for my absence these past couple of months! The truth is, I have been sicker and more miserable than I’ve ever been in my entire adult life. I don’t want this to turn into a “poor me” kind of rant, so I’ll just stick to the facts.

I found out this summer that early next year, I’m going to be a mama a second time around. And then I found out that I’m gong to be a DOUBLE second-time mama; imagine Sander and my utter surprise to see 2 babies on the ultrasound monitor screen! Holy moly, that was definitely the biggest *positive* shock I’ve ever had in my life! Though we wanted to someday add on to our family, we weren’t exactly expecting it to happen so soon, so it was surprise on top of surprise. Yikes! And come to find out, they are monozygotic twins, which means they are from one egg and are therefore identical. Wow! Though it’s all quite the miracle, this hasn’t been the easiest of pregnancies for me so far, with lots of symptoms, so it’s been rather difficult to keep up with what has needed to be done. And then…

Right after I played Wacken Open Air with Avantasia, I contracted a very nasty respiratory virus that landed me in the hospital. I lost my voice completely and, since I’m pregnant, could take almost no medicine to help ease the symptoms. Talk about toughing it out! 5 weeks I’ve been fighting this now, and I’m not feeling particularly tough. But the virus is finally loosening its grip on me and my voice is slowly coming back. That was quite scary, though, to be constantly worried what might be happening to my babies if I’m a hot mess and can only lie in bed being miserable. Fortunately, however, I’ve had regular checks and all is fine with the babies.

With all that’s going on with the Exit Eden debut (our first show coming up at the Metal Dayz in Hamburg this Friday!) and finishing up the new Trillium album, I’ve had to cancel or postpone a lot of things and I’ve got a lot of catching up to do now. My doctors keep telling me that this is a high-risk pregnancy and I therefore need to be very careful, so I’m trying to do what needs to be done with the least amount of stress possible, though it’s not easy. So, I’ll update you here and there where I can and I welcome and appreciate your positive thoughts and prayers, if you’re so inclined. I am still dedicated to my music and will be doing all I can to get that to you asap!

Thank you, as always, for hanging in there with me. You’re awesome.

Amanda (+2)




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September 19, 2017


  1. Amanda, i’ll be praying for you and your babies. You can go easy, all of your true fans will understand. We’ll always wish for your and your family good health.

    Be safe <3

  2. Congratulations,From Costa Rica lml

  3. very excited for you two, Lulu and the ‘metaltwins’. :)

  4. Amanda! My goodness! I don’t know how to feel… If course happy for your news about the babies (natural clones!), but worried about your health and high-risk pregnancy.
    Be careful, please. If you need to cancel all your professional activities, and be devoted 100% to your babies, just do it. Fuck the world. Your family is first.
    You have all the positive energy we could send you. You are in our prayers. Just take care of yourself.

    We love you and we wish you just the best in the world. You deserve it!!!

    With love,
    Elena and Martin

    • Gracias for your warm wishes and caring thoughts! xox


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