Introducing: EXIT EDEN

Introducing: EXIT EDEN

Dear Somervillains,

The roses are in bloom, all of the bushes and trees are various lush shades of green, children are squealing in the market square as they run through the water fountain – summer is here! There’s an ice cream parlor right around the corner from our house and every day, Lana begs me for some strawberry ice cream. We cave in about once a week and it’s usually quite the sticky mess to clean up afterwards!! But, as impractical as toddler ice cream eating is, it’s still fun to see her eyes light up.

So, enough with my summer merry making! I’ve had to be very secretive the past several months and now it’s FINALLY time to make the announcement. There’s a new band I’m in and that I’m rather excited about, called EXIT EDEN. I told you before that I’ll be playing a bit of a role in this and it’s true: I’m singing a lot of operatic style vocals in this setting, which isn’t my usual modus operandi (haha! pun intended), but I’m having fun with it. There was a minute when I was about 18 that I toyed with the idea of studying opera in Italy, but then I decided to develop my voice in other directions and ended up joining a 32-piece jazz swing orchestra in Detroit. So, now I guess I’m getting back to that 18-year-old whim! 😉

All kidding aside, EXIT EDEN is a pretty big deal. This is my first time in something that’s backed by a major media company and they mean serious business. Our debut album is comprised of some classic hits that have been re-arranged and re-imagined into a metal style and it’s pretty freaking cool. I came up with the name and wanted it to reflect a female journey of empowerment. We have the knowledge and the power and we’re taking songs known in the fluffy world of pop to a bit of a darker place, casting it out of the garden of eternal youth and bubblegum along with us.

Joining me in fronting the band are 3 ladies you’re going to be intrigued by:

Marina La Torraca, whom you all know is the gorgeous Brazilian multi-talent I asked to fill in for me at some Avantasia shows I couldn’t be part of last year. I’ve known Marina for several years now and I’m so happy to be sharing this experience with her! She’s also been working quite a bit with Sander to bring our HDK project to life in a live, true band format with Phantom Elite. This girl works hard, rocks hard and is ready for the big leagues.

Clementine DeLauney, our French enchantress who may be familiar to you from her work with Visions of Atlantis, Serenity, Melted Space, Kai Hansen, etc. She is a tall, gorgeous drink of water and has this regal air about her. Having been part of many projects in the scene, she brings seasoned experience to the table. And hailing from France, there’s a distinct ancient, all-knowing, romantic quality about her. Mais oui!

Anna Brunner, a relative “newcomer” to the scene who’s got a voice like nobody’s business!!! This girl has some amazing pipes on her and is super versatile. She came off a tour as special guest with the German band, Santiano, to do our photo and video shoot. Honestly, I’ve never worked with someone who can sing like she can, going from sweet, high tones to full-force power singing to screaming and growling! As a half-German, half-American, we have a lot in common and she is a hoot to be around.

Together, the 4 of us are setting off on this rather crazy journey. It’s all very exciting! But do not fear or doubt: I am still fully committed to all that I do as Amanda Somerville, the solo artist! Trillium is a top priority and I’m still performing with Avantasia (2 shows are coming up very soon). Sander and I have 9 songs done for the new Trillium album, which I’m also really proud of. It’s taking shape beautifully and soon I’ll be uploading some video content with some listening samples! So that is all still in place.

I’ll be back soon with more news and updates. Till then, take care of yourselves and hug a rabbit. I’ve learned from Lana that it can be an extremely moving experience! 😀


PS – here are all of our media sites, so join me there!!


Photos by Christian Barz

exit_eden_einzelbilder_amanda  exit_eden_einzelbilder_marina  exit_eden_einzelbilder_clementine  exit_eden_einzelbilder_anna


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June 16, 2017


  1. CommentAmanda, hi. I read, I looked. In total super! Coolly, smartly. You are the best.

  2. Really looking forward to seeing you live and hearing a cd from you

  3. Great news, Amanda! I’m certainly intrigued, it will be really interesting to hear you sing operatically!

    It sounds like you’re extremely busy but in the best kind of way! Hopefully we’ll cross paths again someday. It was really nice to meet you a few years ago in Colombia (and funny exchanging euros, haha!) :)

  4. Super happy to know about the project. Can’t wait for what’s to come! All the best!

  5. Hi Amanda

    Very excited and impatient about your new project, seems to be very promising. I have seen you on stage with Trillium a few years ago and it was such a great moment. I hope to see you on tour with Exit Eden in France. It will be fantastic. So now the hardest for us is to wait for the album. Best wishes from France

  6. I just got the news because I am Napalm channel subscriber, but I heard your work now together and it sounds awesome. I don’t know really how to define it since I saw it signed as death and it has a bit goth taste to me. But anyway, no matter labels, your voices together will go along a fantastic trip, at least in my experience. Rock on, girls. You’re awesome.


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