A delayed update from May

A delayed update from May

The blog-lazy blonde here reporting *serially sporadically* once again. :-)

The following was something I wrote back in the end of May and just unearthed in my drafts – ugh! So, as I catch you up a bit here, I’ll be writing a new, more current one that I will actually post. I wasn’t kidding about the blondeness!


It has been a good month since the world part of the Avantasia tour ended and all is in full swing once again. It was a lovely tour and we had such incredible shows with so many wonderful people! I want to thank everyone once again for making it so unforgettable; from my Avantasian bandmates and our hard-working crew to all of the local staff at the venues and, of course, the Somervillains and Avantasia-lovers who came out to show their love!

Even with the tour being so glamorous and glorious, it was VERY long and got pretty tough having to miss my family. BUT the reunion was sooooo sweet! We’ve been catching up on much-needed family time snuggling, riding bikes, going for walks, etc. Thank goodness for Skype and that Lana is such an easy baby because we Skyped every day, usually 2x a day and sometime for an hour at a time, playing peek-a-boo, singing songs (holy cow, she has so many songs!), etc. My Mom and Dad were such angels taking care of her for so long and they did a marvelous job (they had good practice with me – haha!). I got all of the updates on what the latest was that Lana was doing, eating, saying, etc. and it was great that I didn’t have to totally miss out on all of that. Any job where you have to be gone a lot is tough on a family, but thankfully Sander is very supportive (it helps in the empathy department that he knows how it is to be a touring musician) and we have found our way to make having to miss each other so much work.

Now, I’ve been back in the studio, performing a guest spot for a single that is for cancer charity, doing some studio work on a new production collaboration and doing some coaching for a new band. I really need to get the whip out and get myself back in gear working on “Conformity Challenged,” my latest solo album that is taking me FOREVER to make any progress with because I’m so busy with everything else. My own personal art and work has suffered in the for of being put on the back burner last 2 years because of life in general (getting married, being pregnant, becoming a mom, etc., etc….) and work done for others. But I suppose those are all luxury “problems,” so I won’t complain too loudly. 😉

In a couple of weeks, the summer festival shows with Avantasia will begin, starting with Sweden Rock June 10, and I’m looking forward to seeing the gang once again. It’s always different when we just meet up for a couple of days at a time because everyone’s just jumping out of one life into being an Avantasian for a few minutes and then jumping back, so those shows are a bit surreal and go by so fast. I always think, “Did that really just happen?” whenever I’m back home again. Ah, but that’s touring in general, I guess! Still, it’s nice to bounce back into it, even if it’s only brief!

On the nerd alert: maybe some of you saw my Facebook post, so this is old news to you, but I am SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED about the new Star Trek movie coming out in July!!!! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! And the release will be right when I get back to Michigan, so I got goosebumps! We’re all Trekkies in my family, so my sister and I are all geeking out in the same degree of dorkdom and I think we’ll take our parents to see it, too. GAH! Can’t wait! Zachary Quinto does a fabulous job as Spock (who is my all-time favorite character) and it’s so fun to see him and Uhura together. *End of Trekkie geek-out* And who is loving the new season of Game Of Thrones? Holy sh*t, I am so waiting for Ramsey Bolton to get what’s coming to him and have a dire wolf tear off his private parts! *End of GOT geek-out*

The next time I update, I will pinch myself silly if I haven’t done more on Conformity Challenged and can therefore proudly inform you of the progress. Pinch. Myself. SILLY!





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September 16, 2016

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